Check-in Guide

How to access your room and start your stay.
To reach our hotel, follow the steps outlined in the image, one by one.
Step 1
Approach the entrance doors of the hotel, where a coded lock is located. On these doors, you will see a code display used to enter the code for access to the hotel.
Step 2
Touch the designated area on the display and hold your finger in this area. After a moment of holding, the display should light up. This activates the display, preparing it for the next steps.
Step 3
Enter the code you received from us. A field will appear on the display where you can enter your personal code. After entering the code, press the cross (#) to confirm the entered code. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the message 'Unlocked,' indicating that you have successfully verified your identity. Now, simply pull the door handle all the way to fully open the hotel door.
Step 4
After opening the door, proceed to the end of the corridor on the ground floor. At the end of the corridor on the right side, you will see a mailbox. The mailbox is where keys to guest rooms are stored.
Step 5
Activate the display by touch and enter the PIN for the mailbox. One of the compartments will light up; open it to find the key to your room. According to the number on the keys, you will find your room:

1 – 3 ground floor
4 – 6 first floor
7 – 8 second floor
Villa Jinonice in Prague
ID: 27889017
722 633 122
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